1205 SW 29th Street
Topeka, Kansas 66611

Everything Old is New Again

Redwood Renovation

Two qualities - faith and imagination - built Brewster Place. Brewster Place is not a last refuge for old people. It is emphatically not a home for the aged. It is a place where you can come to live, enjoying both independence and security. This is a place where those who love life can live it to the full. Here you can be young at heart for as long as that heart keeps beating.

It Really is All THAT!

On December 12, 2022, Brewster Place had a “sky-breaking” that began the renovation of the original building on our campus. The plan was to take the 1st floor and the 5th floor down to the bones, reimagine those floors and then add a 6th floor on top – thus, the “sky-breaking”. This “sky-breaking” happened exactly 60 years later from the original ground-breaking at 10:00am on December 12, 1960.

60 years later on April 10, 2024, Brewster Place celebrated the first residents moving into the Redwood on April 10, 1964 with a semi-formal event that was attended by all of our residents that wished to participate! (Read more about that event and see pictures on our blog.) 

The week leading up to the 60th anniversary of the Ribbon Cutting ceremony was full of celebration events designed for both the Topeka community as well as for our residents and staff. (Read more about those events on our blog.) The “Ribbon(s)-Cutting” Event was repeated on May 17, 2024 at the same moment as the original Ribbon Cutting on May 17, 1964 with ribbons from every balcony and more confetti than broke the sky on December 12, 2022! Below, please enjoy a gallery of photos from that week of celebration!

Topeka Chamber of Commerce President Curtis Sneden leads the SkyBreaking with confetti cannons and streamers to begin the Redwood Rennovation project.
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