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Cottonwood Villas

limited time

Imagine, if you will...

… a beautiful Spring day. The daffodils are peeking out, the red bud trees are blooming and you’ve come to Brewster Place to walk through the currently available Cottonwood Villa, “Hawthorne.”  It is unusual that a Cottonwood Villa becomes available, so this is a very special occasion. This is a stunning 2 bed, 2 bath Villa home with an additional room for a den (or a quilting room), and a wraparound porch (pictured above).

You are greeted with a soft breeze that gently closes the door behind you as you pass through the spacious hallway towards the peaceful southwest facing window in the room straight ahead. 

The gentle breeze continues through both of the bedrooms and the den, again with a south and a west facing window that allows for wonderful cross-ventilation if you should choose to open your windows. 


As you approach, the room gets brighter and brighter from the shaded south and west facing windows that look out onto the wrap around balcony that adds 320 more sqft of space to the already 1850 sqft of indoor space. The view from your kitchen is pleasant and commanding as you can see all of your common living spaces – the living, dining and the breakfast areas.

The day progresses and the bright light begins to soften as warm colors are splayed across the walls of your home from the setting sun. The evening invites you onto the balcony to watch the sun set and enjoy the chorus of cicadas as they burst into a new world. While you enjoy your evening, knowing that the property gates are being secured for the night and the 79 campus-wide security cameras are constantly manned gives you great peace of mind.

This is maintenence free living.


Unit Name





Sq Ft






2 Bedroom / 2 Bath / Balcony

2 Bedroom / 2 Bath / Balcony

2 Bedroom + Den / 2 Bath/ Balcony

2 Bedroom / 2 Bath / Walk Out

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