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Amenities - Recreation


Recreation is essential for personal development – opportunities to learn new skills, sharpen current or forgotten skills, meeting new people and deepening relationships with those you already know and love. At Brewster Place, we provide many opportunities for you to participate in activities that range from an academic lecture to a vigorous game of pickleball!

"The act of recreating, particularly in the sense of leisure, allows for personal expression and the rediscovery of enjoyment in previously experienced activities or in the creative process of replication."

Brewster Place is pleased to feature our indoor, saltwater pool – water temperature at 87 degrees, air temperature at 90 degrees, with 6 private dressing suites.

Along with the indoor pool are 2 indoor pickleball courts on a wood floor. The nets are available for a game any time the Brewster Arts Center is not being used.

There are 3 fitness centers on campus that offer a variety of strength and cardio equipment as well as exercise programs to fit a wide range of abilities and preferences. Our Wellness Specialist and team of expert instructors are skilled at adapting fitness programs for each resident’s needs. You are welcome to join any of our daily classes or consult with a personal trainer to help you develop an individually tailored exercise program to contribute to your wellness plan. Wellness Opportunities are published weekly on our website.

Wellness Studio classes:

  • aerobics (at your level)
  • balance and breathing
  • fall prevention
  • Tai Chi
  • “Talk and Tread”
  • “Sit ‘n Bee Fit”
  • chair yoga
  • mat yoga
  • Senior Circuit training
  • resistance training

Pool classes:

  • water aerobics
  • shallow circuit
  • Cardio Splash
  • ‘ai Chi

On your own:

  • lap swimming
  • walking paths
  • gardening
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Lifelong recreational skills can be pursued along side others with the same interests! Brewster Place has re-imaged 3 new art spaces specifically for visual arts (painting), creative arts (crafting) and fiber arts (quilting and sewing). Our Creative Arts Coordinator facilitates open time in the studios as well as teaching classes designed to explore new skills and enhance those already in use.

A favorite gathering place is the new game room in the Redwood that features tables and seating especially suited for card games, dominos, mahjong, puzzles and a variety of other small group activities. Come here to join a game, find a partner or learn to play any number of the available table games for your entertainment! Schedules are published monthly on our Website


The resident workshop at Brewster Place was designed to meet the needs of woodworkers ranging in interest and abilities from beginner to professional. The approximately 1600 square foot facility is temperature controlled and dust is kept to a minimum by a vacuum system with collection ports at all major machines. While there are top quality machines at several stations, duplicate machines in some cases enable several people to be working on similar tasks. The floor plan was designed to enable several people to be working on projects without restricting the movement of others.

There are stations for wood preparation (planer, jointer), sanding, sharpening, cutting (table saw, routers, band saws, cross-cut saw), woodturning, woodcarving and drilling. There are seperate tables for assemply and glue up. The shop also has compressed air that is useful in painting and cleanup. All machines are kept in good condition due to users cleaning up after themselves at the end of the day.

All new users are given an orientation to insure safety in using machines. Seasoned members are available to tutor beginners until they are comfortable with avioid the dangers inherent to working with poser equipment.

The wood planer in the Brewster Place wood shop.
The wood lathe in the Brewster Place wood shop.
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