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All Dressed Up…

60 years

…. and a great place to go!

April 10, 1964 was a significant day. That is the day that Mr. Lester Filson and Mrs. Darlene Newby became the first residents at Brewster Place. That day was celebrated 60 years later on April 10, 2024 with a semi-formal 60th Anniversary event for Brewster Place residents. The afternoon was planned and executed by an amazing team of staff and volunteers who stepped outside of their daily routines to make sure that literally every resident had the opportunity to celebrate that day as well.

The staff at the Health Center and the Assisted Living neighborhoods made sure that each resident who wanted to participate was dressed in their finest attire, that each hair was in place and that smiles abounded as they made their entrance in the newly renovated Redwood to tables set with beautiful hors d’oeuvres, fine wine and live music that set the festive mood! Residents mingled and chatted and enjoyed the creative menu and were each invited to tour apartments on the 5th and 6th floors. Special guests included the Brewster Place Board of Directors and several former administrators. Current CEO, Mary Blubaugh enjoyed the afternoon as she warmly greeted each resident, guest and staff member.

The Brewster Place mission statement in action

The Brewster Place team came together to assure that each resident on our campus was able to have the same experience for our special 60th Anniversary Celebration! The pictures below speak volumes about our Brewster Place community as we all shared this special day together!

Brewster Place is a community providing all of its residents
opportunities for an optimal quality of life.

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