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Driving Evaluation: Should I Drive?

Should I drive?

Brewster Rehab offers a driver evaluation and training program. Driving is an important aspect of daily life. Following a disabling illness or injury, the driving program may assist you with leading a more independent lifestyle.

Who needs a driving evaluation?

Driver Rehabilitation Services provides evaluation and training to previously licensed drivers following illness or injury. These conditions may result in physical, cognitive or visual impairments.

Who will evaluate me?

Evaluation and training is provided by Brewster’s occupational therapist who is a driver rehabilitation specialist.

What will happen during my evaluation?

  • Clinical evaluation of physical, cognitive and visual skills
  • Behind the wheel evaluation in adapted car
  • Evaluation of adapted equipment needs
  • Vehicle selection and modification
  • Driver training which may include the use of adapted equipment

What is required to have an evaluation?

  • Complete application forms
  • Submit past medical history
  • Physician referral
  • Valid driver’s license or special permit
  • Must meet Kansas seizure law and visual requirements
  • The above information must be received before an evaluation is scheduled

For more information contact:
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2 thoughts on “Driving Evaluation: Should I Drive?”

  1. George Bell Wiley

    How could my wife sign up for an evaluation? We already have a script from her doctor.

  2. I would like to schedule a driving evaluation. I recently completed AAA’s online seniors driving review. I do not live @ Brewster but I do live in Topeka. I’m 75 yr old. I don’t have any specifics issues that need special attention. I am aware of some issues I have. I just like to stay ahead of the curve so to speak. Thank You.

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