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Tax Season & Scams: The Perfect Storm

It is Tax Season! Along with tax season, come SCAMS!

Scams happen all year long, but they are more prevalent during the tax season.


If someone is pretending to be from the IRS and calling you asking for an immediate payment; demand you pay your taxes now; or threaten to bring in local police. THIS IS A SCAM!! Why?-Because the IRS will never call you or email you.

If anyone calls you asking for your information over the phone, stating that something is wrong with your account or profile and they need access to your social or your card number—DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION! This is a scam.

If the IRS needs to reach you, they will send a formal letter by mail.  A proper IRS letter will usually arrive in a government envelope and will include the IRS seal on the notice or letter. A legitimate letter will include a notice or letter number, most commonly found at the top right-hand corner. If there’s no notice or letter number, it’s likely a fake. To be sure that you are not being scammed by mail, phone or e-mail call the IRS at 800-829-1040 or visit the website at www.irs.gov

What to do?

Feel free to comment and share your story if you have received a SCAM call or mailing. Sharing your story may help someone else!

Don’t forget to smile and stay peachy!


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