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Recon Mission: Retirement Community

Top Ten Tips and Tons of Questions!

Moving is a huge decision at any time of your life! It is filled with many emotions including stress and exhaustion.
Brewster wants to help take a little stress out of the mix by sharing a few tips of the trade.


  • Take your time to make an educated decision.
  • Ask family or friends to help evaluate the options with you.
  • Trust your feelings and reactions when touring a community. 
  •  Ask for references, and visit with residents as you tour the campus.
  • Take the time to review company materials.
  • There are no dumb questions and you should ask them all!
  • Make sure you understand pricing.
  • Do not sign any contract until you have studied it in detail. Ask a family member or attorney to review the contract with you.
  • Look up the Retirement Communities’ websites and Facebook pages.
  • Ask to have lunch with a current resident to learn more about the community.

Questions to Ask When Selecting Active Independent Living & Retirement Communities

1. What size are the apartments or cottages – studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom?   _________________________________ 

2. What is the starting price? Does it increase annually?  How much? _____________________________________________

3. What is included in the price? _________________________________________________________________________________ 

4. Is there a cost for a second person? ___________________________________________________________________________ 

5. Is there a buy-in and how does it work? _____________________________________________________________________ 

6. Is the buy in refundable, and how is it paid out?_____________________________________________________________

7. Is there an age restriction? ____________________________________________________________________________________

8.  Is there a wait list? Is there a fee to be on the wait list? Is it refundable? ____________________________________

9. Is the community a continuum of care (Life Plan Community)? _______________________________________________

10. If the community is a LPC, what levels of care are onsite? __________________________________________________ 

11. When health needs change do residents have to move to another building? ______________________________

12. Is there a meal plan, and if so what is the meal plan like? __________________________________________________ 

13. How and where are meals served? _______________________________________________________________________

14. Is there housekeeping service? _____________________________________________________________________________ 

15. Is there laundry service? ___________________________________________________________________________________ 

16. Is the location handicap accessible? _______________________________________________________________________ 

17. Is there a fee for parking? Is it covered parking? ____________________________________________________________

18. Is there storage? Is there a fee for storage?  ________________________________________________________________ 

19. Is there scheduled transportation? ________________________________________________________________________ 

20. Are pets allowed?  What is the fee? ________________________________________________________________________

21. What services and activities are included in the price? ___________________________________________________

22. Is there a safety call system? _______________________________________________________________________________ 

23. What is the cost for family to stay for dinner?  Is there on site lodging accommodations for family members?  What is the cost?______________________________

24. Is there security? Explain how it works?­­­­­­______________________________________________________________________

25. What happens if I run out of money?________________________________________________________________________

I hope that these questions help you and your family as you begin your search for a retirement community!
Please feel free to share if these helped you or if you have another useful question to be added to our list!

Have a peachy day and don’t forget to smile!


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