BrewsterConnect: What is it? Can it benefit you or your loved one?

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Exercise, socialize, and maximize your creativity.

That’s the potential of the Wellness program, BrewsterConnect offers to Northeast Kansas residents age 55 and older.

BrewsterConnect is an  innovative wellness program utilizing our Five to Thrive Dimensions of Wellness – physical, social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional. The membership provides opportunities for   exercise classes, arts, crafts, woodworking, trips, social and cultural events, educational seminars and support groups. Connections with the Brewster staff, residents and other members will  lift your spirit when you meet friends at the weekly socials, and  enjoy adventures and activities  with other folks  living their best lives. You  can also take advantage of discounts at the four dining venues on campus.

This program is a great way to meet new friends and be engaged  with campus life while still living in your own home. For a limited time , Brewster is offering a starter program called “Get Acquainted”; it is a 90-Day Free membership, (offer ends June 1, 2021).  Contact Lifestyle Services for details on how you can take advantage of the “Get Acquainted” Membership.

Lifestyles | Brewster | Topeka, Kansas (

You can contact me for more information about a BrewsterConnect membership.

Have a peachy day and don’t forget to smile!


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