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Do Good and Feel Good by Volunteering!

April is Volunteer Month Recognition and May is the time to take action!!!

Volunteering has a special place in my heart! I started young, in my Girl Scout days, and that amazing feeling continues today. Dedicating your time to someone else and not expecting anything in return–you can’t help but have that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you are making the world a better place, but you also learn new skills, and expand your own horizons.

Brewster Place is fortunate to have so many residents helping around campus and volunteering in the Topeka community. We are also proud that we have a team of staff members that volunteer for other non-for-profit organization in the greater community.

Why volunteer?
Not only does volunteering provide a sense of purpose, but it can improve health and wellbeing by lessening feelings of depression and increasing feelings of self-worth. Being a part of improving your community and making life better for the people around you, improves your own life: making new friends, learning new skills, and making a powerful difference in the lives of others. Volunteering, even an hour a week, can go a long way in helping make that difference.  

You can help!

Where do I start? How to decide what to do?
Talk to friends and family. Ask yourself what you enjoy; do you want to work with people or save the planet or care for animals?

Here are some past comments from our Brewster Residents:

“Being with others helps pass time…enjoy being around people.”-Jo B.

“Stress reliever for myself and because others enjoy the result.”-Kathy H.

 “To help a good cause; to have a chance to interact with others who are helping to do good.”-Lonna R.

“I volunteer because life is more contented when helping people. I need the social contact for my mental wellbeing.”-Bob P.

 “It makes me feel like I’m a part of Brewster. Makes me feel good and lets me see people I don’t usually see. I like working with people.” -Naomi B.

“Something to keep active. .to be around people..so proud to be a part of the community.”-Elsie Wessel “Because it was clear to me that residents who volunteer to boost the function of Brewster..feel more comfortable because of their involvement.” – Freida S.

“I am helping someone else and it makes me feel good about myself.”-Marilyn H.

“I have always received more from volunteering than I have given.”-Mary Lou M.

If you are interested in volunteering in the Brewster Community please reach out to Chelsy Wessel at 785-274-3394.
Please feel free to share how you have made the world a better place in our comment section below 🙂
As always, have a peachy day and don’t forget to smile!!


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