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wait – it’s 2024 ALREADY?


For most people, the turn of a new year represents a clean slate, a chance to start over, an opportunity to do things “right” this time, which results in making a promise to yourself – a resolution. Brewster Place has many ways to help you choose and stick to a new resolution:


Start writing. If you already enjoy writing, join the Writing Club and test out some new ideas. Or if you’d rather journal, our very own Sam Banks and her mother have written some books with writing prompts to guide you through a journey of memories, finding a path to mindfulness, as well as creating a legacy of gratitude.  E-mail Sam at samantha.banks@brewsterliving.org

Learn to eat differently. With 4 dining venues here on campus, a larger variety of unique food items are only a short walk away, as well as the opportunity to create new food ideas on your own! Manuel and his crew [??]  love to share their creative cuisines and we certainly do appreciate that! Dining Menus.


And if you’re walking a short distance for a new dining experience, just keep walking to the indoor pool, the workout rooms, one of the many on campus walking paths or the indoor pickleball courts. Julie is always coming up with fun programming for new ways to move!   Weekly Programming Calendars


Check out the Brewster Calendar.  Each week, choose just 1 new idea/class/event to try out – chair yoga, the Topeka Farm Show and Lunch Shuttle, learn a new card game, Lessons in Chemistry, devotions and donuts, mat yoga or…. Happy Hour?      January 2024 Calendar

Perhaps the most successful resolution though would be to resolve that every day is New Year’s Day. You know what they say about “good intentions”…. Every day that you open your eyes is a good day to do or try out something new!

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