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5 Reasons to Move to Brewster

Written by guest blogger, Brittany Lewis.


Top 5 Reasons to Move to Brewster this Winter:

With a range of indoor activities, vibrant community, and beautiful location, Brewster is the perfect place to call home. We give our residents a one-stop shop to live their best lives! Every day, they have everything they need within the convenience of our campus. Winter is no exception, and we have some icy-cool benefits to make life even better! Here are the top “5 Reasons to Move to Brewster this Winter”!

1. No winter blues here! Our legendary events calendar is full of fun and games, from bingo to movie nights, and everything in between! Plus, with weekly socials, and learning opportunities like the KU Osher program, residents will always have something to look forward to. We don’t stop there – there are also holiday performances, trips to the theater, worship services in our chapel, and arts and crafts sessions to explore.

2. Driving in the winter can be a slippery slope, but that’s not a problem here! We offer free transportation 24/7 for residents throughout the Brewster campus and, for a very affordable price, we’ll even take them to off-campus appointments.


3. Forget the cold and icy sidewalks – we’ve got a range of wellness and fitness programs right here, including water aerobics classes in our indoor heated saltwater pool. Whether it’s yoga, Tai Chi, or hitting the gym, residents can stay warm and healthy indoors.


4. No more worrying about meal planning, grocery shopping, or washing dishes! Our four on-site dining venues take care of everything to provide residents with delicious and healthy meals.


5. Ready to let someone else handle shoveling the snow? Our residents never have to worry about the physical and financial toll of snow and ice removal or yard maintenance!


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