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“I really don’t care what other people think.”

On Broadway, when a new show opens, everyone waits to read the reviews the next morning. When a new restaurant opens, everyone wants to talk to someone who has eaten there. A student will do a Google search for “which school has the best nursing program? Someone thinking about their future will wonder “where is a great place to live when I retire”? (Brewster Place!)

It really does matter what other people think! Even though everyone’s experience may be different, everyone is looking for the same thing – information on which to base their best decision about investing their resources.

You can easily, effectively and powerfully contribute to the success of the decisions of others by simply writing a review. A Pew Research survey shows that over 80% of US adults read reviews before they decide to make a purchase. 

So, how does one go about writing a review?

I really, REALLY don't care what other people think.
Well, first, write the review!

Here are a few things to consider that will give your review value:

  • Be honest. People can see right through a patronizing review!

  • Be specific. “The food was really good!” is a nice thing to say, but it’s not very helpful. What made the food so good? A flavor? A spice? The presentation? The ambience? Were you reminded of your Grandma’s kitchen when you walked in the door and heard the music or smelled the garlic? Did your waitperson make you feel at home? What was his/her name? Give details that define your experience!

  • Be brief. No more than three or four sentences is a good length.

In case it’s not obvious yet, the point of this blog is to guide you in writing an effective review, and if you wanted to write one for Brewster Place, that would be great! Get ready for an easy tutorial on how to submit your review online and help generate an interest in our community!

So, where does one “put” this review so that others may read it?

A look at the Brewster Place business entry from a Google search that highlights how and where to add a review.
Do a Google search for "Brewster Place" and find the "write a review" button to add your review.

There are many places to post reviews online,* but we’ll start with the most important one – Google, and for this, you must have a Google account (@gmail.com email address)*. The power of a good review on Google is extremely important in creating credibility and trust in the subject of your review!

To add your voice, follow this link, select how many stars you would like to give, write your review and click POST! (Bonus points for adding pictures!)

Where to post your Google review.

A picture of what the "add a review" box looks like.

Then, click the “see your reviews” link in the blue “Thanks for your review” window to see what your review looks when someone Googles “Brewster Place” Or click this link and see your review as well as what others (including me) have written about Brewster!

* If you do not have a Google account, you can use this same review for sites like Yelp and FaceBook…. These will be addressed very soon in another blog post! Incidentally, some sites provide a place where you can submit your reviews directly to them… perhaps even as a comment on a blog post!

5 gold stars.

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