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I Can Feel it in My Bones

Written by Guest Blogger Brittany Lewis

We have all heard the old saying about  “a storm’s a comin’, I can feel it in my bones”…. but is there any science behind feeling this way, or is it just an old saying? You may be surprised to learn the answer is: Yes! And here’s why:

Cold weather and atmospheric changes cause our joints and muscles to become tighter, which creates contractions due to their loss of heat and loss of range in motion. This allows nerves to become pinched more easily, and muscles may feel sore for longer. For people living with arthritis, these weather changes are amplified

Another common symptom associated with weather changes is headaches. Interestingly, migraine attacks seem to increase when a storm is accompanied by lightning.


Abrupt changes in temperature, humidity, cloud cover or wind may even cause an increase in the thickness of blood, so diabetics might experience trouble controlling blood sugar during cold fronts – a condition known as “low barometric pressure fatigue.”

Here are four simple ways to help lessen the symptoms associated with weather change:

  1. Hydrate – Dehydration increases sensitivity to pain, so remember to drink plenty of water.

  2. Stretch – A good rule of thumb is to stretch for at least ten minutes and when the temperature is lower than 35 degrees, add five minutes for every ten degrees lower.

  3. Swim – Take a dip in a warm swimming pool.  The salt-waters of the indoor swimming pool here at Brewster Place are heated at a constant temperature of 87 degrees. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

  4. Massage – Enjoy a relaxing massage to chase away the weather woes

Just remember not to worry because in Kansas,
the weather will likely change again by tomorrow, or sooner!

Guest Blogger Brittany Lewis

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