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“Love Makes the World go ‘Round”

Love Make the World go 'Round

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“High in some silent sky
Love sings a silver song
Making the earth whirl softly
Love makes the world go ’round” 

Silver songs and soft whirls could also be a Beatles tune and the swirls in a chocolate sundae with your best friend! Love, whether platonic or romantic, does indeed make the world go round. What are some ways that you and yours could gather together and celebrate that bond that we all enjoy?

Continuing with the chocolate sundae idea, throw an ice cream sundae party and have everyone bring a favorite topping. Use the ice cream to build yummy creations that show just how much you enjoy being together!

sundae surprise

Along those same lines, there are also progressive dinners – have a salad at the first place, entree at another place, desert at a 3rd place, etc. But why just progress with food? Plan a day of surprises for your friend – go to the museum, then a movie and end up back at home for a game night with the rest of your friends!

Maybe have a time of sharing music that reminds you of good times with your family (bring your boom box), or music you shared with your friends during milestones in your lives. Plan to make a video and/or take pictures while re-creating some of those moments… someone in the future will no doubt find those macarena moves quite interesting.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day – or “Pal”entine’s Day with those who bring you joy – and if you can’t be together, perhaps an old fashioned, hand-written note for someone that simply describes how that person brightens their corner of your world!


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