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Inspire Your Heart with Art!

Inspire your heart with Art Day: a national observance today, and an everyday event at Brewster Place.

Creative Arts Coordinator, Kris Saia, leads the charge by encouraging, enlightening and challenging residents to express their innate creative gifts. Through classes, workshops, special events, and one-on-one assistance residents paint, sew, quilt , craft and learn new mediums like alcohol ink painting.

Its’ not just fun, it’s good for you

As renowned researcher Gene Cohen states, “Any activity that uses both sides of the brain optimally is, in effect, savored by the brain. It’s like “chocolate for the brain.” In Cohen’s view, creative expression enables older adults to savor life and be fully engaged in it. Cohen’s research, concludes that arts participation leads to physical and mental health benefits, better morale, and reduced rates of depression. (Borrowed from How the Arts Enrich Seniors’ Lives by Dianne Molvig | LeadingAge.org)

Everyone can express themselves creatively while learning from each other and learning about  one self. The richest measure of joy can be experienced by touching that part of our spirit that we never knew existed!

If you want to enjoy all of the creative fun at Brewster comment below and let me know.

Have a peachy day and remember to smile 🙂


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