How to pick a Good Melon….

Springtime is here, which means gardening and eating more farm-fresh fruit in my household! I always struggle picking out my watermelons. My mother knocks on the melon and listens to see if it is ripe. I never understood why! She said it needs to sound deep and not hollow for a sweet and juicy melon. My hearing must be off because that doesn’t always work for me. There must be a better way to know if the watermelon is ripe! So I did some research and found this out:

  1. Round and uniform shape
  2. Should feel heavy – juicer
  3. Find the field spot – yellow spot on the bottom – it indicates that it spent more time ripening on the vine, so it should be sweeter.

In talks with a farmer back home, he said that if you find a watermelon with all of the above traits, check if the stripes on the watermelon are 2 finger lengths apart, and you got a sweet melon!

What are your ways of knowing if a watermelon is ripe?

Have a great day, and stay peachy!


How to Pick a Watermelon: 6 Helpful Tips (

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