Luxury High-Rise Living at

Brewster Place in Topeka, Kansas

For nearly six decades the flagship building on the Brewster campus has been home to hundreds of retirees offering independent living options ranging from studio to two-bedroom apartments.

Sixty years after the groundbreaking for Redwood, an extensive interior and exterior renovation project is about to commence on the five story structure. Beginning with the addition of a sixth floor to house the Penthouse Suites of Redwood.

Groundbreaking Countdown

Luxury Living Styles

Penthouse Suites of The Redwood

Six spacious two-bedroom, two bath suites will offer vast views of Topeka’s skyline and beyond!  The luxury units range from just over 1,400 square feet to more than 1,750 square feet of well-appointed living space, including full kitchens, en suite laundry, and large balconies to enjoy life from six stories high.

The Fives at The Redwood

The fifth floor will debut 13 new redesigned suites renamed, The Fives at Redwood.  Large one and two bedroom residences, with full kitchens, en suite laundry, upscale finishes and spectacular views will make Redwood the most desirable high-rise retirement living in northeast Kansas.

The Club at The Redwood

The crown jewel of the renovation is The Club at Redwood, which includes four spectacular, renovated residences positioned near the newly designed hub of campus. The Club at Redwood reveals a beautiful new dining venue, game area, art studio, and, of course, a grand piano. The warm and welcoming Concierge Desk will welcome those seeking the best in retirement living.

The luxury high-rise renovation complements the cottages, apartment buildings, Grand Homes, and Villas that make up the 35 acre campus. Brewster Place continues to distinguish itself as the innovative leader in retirement living in northeast Kansas. Experience your best life and enjoy the longstanding heritage of home and service on the Brewster campus.

Welcome Home to Brewster Place

Consider Brewster's New Point Of View


Reviewing Redwood
April 17th, 1961 - An additional five-acre tract along West 29th Street, adjacent to original site purchased.
Reviewing Redwood
December 2nd, 1962 - Groundbreaking Ceremony at the Stonehouse.
Reviewing Redwood
In 1964 - Brewster is 10 acres | In 2022 - Brewster is 35+ acres
Reviewing Redwood
In 1964 - Brewster serves 29 residents | In 2022 - Brewster serves approximately 400 residents
Reviewing Redwood
In 1964 - The Redwood Building totaled 151 apartment homes | In 2022 - The Redwood Building totaled 73 apartment homes
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