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Amenities at Brewster place

Maintenance-Free... Now What?

Having no maintenance worries is just the beginning of life at Brewster Place! Here you will find an exhaustive list of the amenities that Brewster Place is pleased to offer its residents and members of Brewster Connect! Brewster Place wants to enrich all aspects of the whole person!


It’s been said that at Brewster Place, you only have to be as social as you want to be! There are always opportunities to socialize, from organized weekly socials complete with adult beverages to a chance meeting of friends at the Brewster Bean. It’s all up to you!   (more…)


With a choice of dining venues, cuisine and conversation again depends on you! There are private tables and communal tables in all of the dining venues for your enjoyment.  (more…)


Recreation is often at the heart of socializing and Brewster Place is a champion of offering a variety of activities for the whole person, designed for you to re-discover yourself or literally re-create yourself and discover a new you!   (more…)


You’ll find that at the core of Brewster Place is a place of relaxation, peace and contentment. There are plenty of opportunities to find a quiet moment in many special places on campus.   (more…)

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