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Foods you should NOT store in the fridge!

So, I came across this webpage about food you should never put in the fridge and I have to share it because my mind was blown by many of them. I have been keeping so many of these foods in my fridge to stay fresh! Here were my “Wows”:

  • Avocados – they achieve peak ripeness quicker when stored at room temperature
  • Peppers – The skin loses its crunch when stored at low temperatures
  • Cucumbers!!! — who knew!! – storing cucumbers in the fridge will make them watery and pitted. Wrap them in plastic if you store them in the fridge to minimize the moisture
  • Pickles are already preserved and do not need to be in the fridge! – I may keep them in the fridge because I love me a cold sweet pickle!
  • Tomatoes – they’ll have optimal flavor and juiciness at room temperature
  • Hot sauce! – the vinegar helps preserve it  (only refrigerate creamy condiments)
  • Ketchup—WHAT?! – They say it is debatable but the acid in the ketchup should help the bottle stay fresh up to a month.
  • Soy sauce! – it goes through the fermentation process and doesn’t need to be in the fridge
  • BUTTER! – did you know you can keep a stick of butter out for a week? And it makes it spreadable!
  • Aged cheese – like parmesan can last for a couple of months outside the fridge
  • Lastly – olive oil, I do not keep mine in the fridge but if you do it does harden

I had to share this because there was a couple that shocked me! Definitely going to have to go clean out my fridge now! I am going to have so much more space in my fridge!

Do you have any surprises or any other foods that you know of that should not be in the fridge?

Have a great day and stay peachy!


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