Myths About Retirement Living

Have you contemplated moving into a retirement community? Does the thought of leaving your home, where you created so many wonderful memories with your family seem impossible? Change is difficult and can cause anxiety, hesitation, and fear. These feelings are completely normal. However, exploring your options and having your concerns addressed, may help you decide that moving to a maintenance-free retirement community is the perfect fit for you. Let’s address some common myths about retirement living and set the record straight.


Myth:             Retirement communities are for “old” people.

Truth:             Oh, contraire! Many retirement communities are filled with healthy and independent residents who choose to stay actively engaged physically and socially. Brewster’s activities and programs focus on the five dimensions of wellness — intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual.

Myth:           I shouldn’t move until I need assistance.

Truth:          Why wait? One of the most common statements we hear from new residents is, “I wish I’d have moved in sooner.” Moving to a retirement community while you are still healthy allows you to enjoy the many amenities, social activities and appreciate maintenance-free living.

Myth:          Retirement communities are too expensive.

Truth:          It is affordable! Brewster’s monthly rate covers utilities, cable, phone, internet, lawn care, snow removal, housekeeping, maintenance, security system, 24-hour security, and peace of mind.

Suppose, you are evaluating two independent-living retirement communities. They are comparable in many ways, and you like them both. However, the monthly fee for one community is 25 percent less than the monthly fee at the other. One reason for this may be that the higher-priced community includes more services under the base rate, while the lower-priced community is more of an à la carte arrangement and you pay separately for additional services. Depending on the services you need and desire, you may ultimately end up paying more per month at the community with the lower base rate.

Myth:           I’ll have to give up my hobbies.

Truth:          Stay inventive, imaginative, and creative. Brewster encourages residents to be as involved with campus happenings as they choose to be.  We offer many amenities and activities on campus, you might even discover you have hidden talents and find a new hobby or two; painting, educational programs, quilting, sewing, woodworking, Pickleball, gardening, swimming, needlepoint and cards. Brewster has so much to offer!

Myth:           All CCRCs are for-profit.

Truth:          Wrong! When you are considering moving to a CCRC, you will have two different models to choose from – the nonprofit model, and the for-profit model. For-profit CCRCs are responsible to corporate investors and/or shareholders. Nonprofit CCRCs are mission-driven and responsible to their residents.

What myths are keeping you from exploring your next move? If you would like to learn more information about Brewster Place, our mission, and community, please contact the sales and marketing department, 274-5000. It won’t take you long to realize that the Brewster community allows residents to live their best life.

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