Brewster Honors

“Being a veteran is part of who I am.”

~Darrell Humphries

Honoring those who have served our country is a tradition at Brewster Place.  For years we have collected photos of veterans, residents, staff, and family members and displayed those in the Dorothy Trueblood Resident Art Gallery in the basement of the Redwood Building.

This past year we were able to do even more to honor our heroes. Brewster has added a brand new Veterans Hall of Honor.  This sacred space offers beautiful natural sunlight shining in on floor to ceiling granite walls and flags of each branch of the military.  A 24-hour slide show of dedicated men and women in uniform honors our veterans and enhances the story telling of those who served our country. Brewster is now adding engraved quartz stone honor tiles to complete the Hall of Honor.

Brewster’s Resident Services team is also in the process on gathering our Veteran’s stories and memoirs to share in our new Hall of Honor.

Below is a link to see our Veterans and the new Hall of Honor, narrated by CEO, Joe Ewert. Feel free to share your veteran story!

Brewster Veterans Hall of Honor Video

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