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A hot cup of coffee to go with your morning blog!
A hot cup of coffee to go with your morning blog!

So, what actually IS a “blog”?

Technically, it’s a “web log”, in the sense that a blog is an online journal that records whatever the blogger (author) thinks needs to be recorded in writing. When it is “put” online, it is then available to read for anyone who finds it. Literally, ANYONE.

I’ve been a blogger for many years. I like to write. The internet is full of blogs by people who just like to write, but is it content that other people want to read? Is it content that is somehow useful? What should be the purpose of a blog? I like what Justin at says about that:

"The central core purpose of blogging is to answer people's questions.... Through step-by-step guides, how-tos, videos and more."
- What is The Purpose of Blogging? 5 Best Benefits

He goes on to identify 5 purposes of blogging that range from building an income to building a community to establishing one’s self as an authority on a subject.

Brewster Blog is about community – building, supporting, encouraging and educating each other in order to lead a more fulfilling life. Sometimes it’s fun to just learn some new, random information and sometimes there are topics we need to learn more about, like new research into a disease or condition that some of us may live with. Sometimes it’s helpful to share someone’s personal story in hopes that others will be encouraged or inspired to persevere. And other times, it’s just nice to reminisce about how far we’ve come and how much this world has changed.

One of you might be a blogger too! And if you are, I hope you’ll leave a comment below with a link to your blog!

Or maybe you’re an “idea” type person – you just think about things and come up with good questions that need to be explored. I’d sure love to hear about what you’re thinking too! Again, feel free to leave a comment below!

My brain is spinning now…. Leave your comments and thoughts about blogging, about topics I could explore, or just what you’d like to see happen in this “blog” space!

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