An Afternoon of Answers….

...from the experts on everything you need to know for the Big Move

Topeka has recently been ranked as one of the top emerging housing markets in the country… Today there are only 115 homes for sale in all of Topeka.

WIBW News, May 1, 2023


If you haven’t yet considered moving to a retirement community like Brewster Place, perhaps now is the time! We’re bringing in professionals to share their knowledge and experience in 3 crucial areas:

Real Estate – Do you have what buyers are looking for?

Organizing and Rightsizing – Simplify your life by creating a new space that meets your needs.

Appraisals and Estate Sale Services – What do you need to know before you begin right sizing?

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Meet the Experts:

Real Estate

Linda Briden will let you in on her knowledge and experience in the world of real estate. As CEO of Sunflower Association of Realtors, Linda represents 650 members from Shawnee County and the six surrounding counties. Linda is well versed in the needs and practices of buying and selling in North East Kansas!


Estate Sales and Appraisal

Diane Holloway is a certified appraiser and has over 20 years of experience in the world of estate sales. She will share her expertise of details involved in deciding if an estate sale is right for you.


Organizing & Rightsizing

Celsie Sneden is a Professional Organizer/Move-In Specialist and owner of Neat Method Kansas City. Celsie is a seasoned specialist with a great eye for style and function in home organization and the process of moving to a new space. Celsie will give you tips and advice for reclaiming and creating your own space.

Your questions will be answered on May 31 at An Afternoon of Answers about the big move.

Sheryl Blue of Blues Moon Professional Organization wears many hats in the world of real estate. She uses that background to inform her true passion, organizing and designing. She is “armed with a desire to organize anything and a keen interest in interior design…!” We’re looking forward to hearing Sheryl’s perspective on meeting your needs for organization in your space!

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