In Case You Haven’t Thought About It Already….

I’m sure that everyone is preparing a list of things for which you are thankful; after all, it is that season and most likely, you will be asked what you are thankful for. Although I am extremely thankful for most everything in my life, I’m also thankful for the unusual things.

For example, I’m thankful for WD-40. I have a door that creaks loudly when I have to get up during the night – I’m always afraid of waking up everyone. But with WD-40, I don’t have to worry about that! I can get up as many times as I want to…. no creaky door!

I’m also thankful for a variety of flavors for toothpaste – and mouthwash.

I’m thankful for things that we have now that we didn’t used to have – like air conditioning.

Ironing boards are quite useful. I’m thankful that I don’t have to hover over the floor and re-position my garment in wacky ways to iron “that” part, which then makes the other parts that I already ironed, messy again.

I’m quite thankful for fly swatters. Especially in the summer, when nobody sits around thinking about what they’re thankful for. And screens too.

I like to be aware of the little things in my life. It’s good to take a moment to just be aware of those common, routine, small things and maybe give a thought to what life would be like without them. Like forks. How awful would it be to have to eat spaghetti without a fork?

If you are thankful for something unusual or overlooked, please leave a comment so we can all be thankful with you! Thanks! I mean I’m thankful for your response. So, thank YOU! (Geeze this could go on for some time…) Happy Thanksgiving!!

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