Change is in the air…


The sunrise was glorious this morning – fantastic colors that just lit up the colors of the trees… I love fall!

Sunrise, viewed from The Fives at Redwood, Brewster Place in Topeka, Kansas

View from The Fives at Redwoodphoto by: Tom Flynn

To me, fall is a season of hope; nature is continuing its cycle, as always. There is always something new coming in due time. . .

I don’t know why, but “change” also seems to have a negative connotation. Does it seem that way to you too? “Change” implies that I’m going to have to DO something to accommodate whatever it is that is changing when I’ve finally gotten comfortable with the way things are now!

I’m going to have to sort through my closet and put away my flip-flops and shorts; then dig out my turtlenecks and sweaters. That’s a lot of work! But I do love pulling out those sweaters and remembering how much I love this fuzzy one or the day someone gave me that sweater. My mind starts putting outfits together (which usually means that I’ll have to go shopping to get some new something-or-other to complete this new outfit idea). The “old” becomes “new” again.

What other kinds of changes bring newness from routine? Perhaps just a new perspective is all it takes to freshen things up a bit; thankfulness for the richness of the colors in the sky and the trees, the freshness of the nip in the coolness of the breeze (i.e. WIND, here in Kansas!)

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